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    Commercial, agricultural and rural businesses owners need effective pest control management programmes not only for health and safety compliance but also for building and maintaining a reputation for good hygiene practice and premises management.

    At Shires we understand the nuisance that wildlife can cause by spreading diseases and causing damage to both stock and property. Our pest management programmes can thwart this nuisance quickly to protect your financial revenues, crop harvests and the usability and longevity of your properties and premises.

    We offer our discreet, effective and reliable pest and vermin control services to businesses ranging from catering outlets and restaurants to farms, stables and golf courses, with two of our most popular services being the supply and servicing of discreet electronic fly killing units and grain monitoring with integrated insecticidal treatment systems.

    As British Pest Control Association Registered Technical Inspectors Shires are qualified to perform full pest control audits to ensure that other companies are executing pest control management plans and programmes effectively and safely.

    Industrial units, landlord owned properties, educational and medical facilities such as hospitals, schools and colleges can be prone to pest problems and as such we offer complete pest control cover and specific management systems all with health and safety restrictions understood and the associated human usage of these environments planned for as standard.

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